Dwadzieścia lat później. Datacja „urbarza cieszyńskiego z 1621 r.”

Michael Morys-Twarowski, “Dwadzieścia lat później. Datacja „urbarza cieszyńskiego z 1621 r.”,” Studia Źródłoznawcze 60 (2022): 63–74.

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Abstrakt / Abstract 

The urbarium (register of fief ownership) of the ducal estate of Cieszyn (Teschen), known as the ‘Cieszyn Urbarium of 1621’, has survived in a copy made in 1653. The document contains the updates made in the original and, as a result, includes data from different years. For Cieszyn and its suburbs, these are obligations initially entered in 1621 but also those updated (perhaps as late as 1643). For the villages, the data generally refers to the year 1643, but there may be single entries from an earlier period concerning updates (from around 1635?), which had become obsolete before 1643. The only village with its obligations recorded according to the actual state of 1621 is Bażanowice because it soon passed into the hands of the nobility, and there was no need to update the data on its inhabitants. This example shows that the urbarium was a ‘living document’ constantly updated.