Paweł Terlica – ostatni morawski pastor w Księstwie Cieszyńskim

Michael Morys-Twarowski, “Paweł Terlica – ostatni morawski pastor w Księstwie Cieszyńskim,” in Lekarz i duchowny na prowincji / Lékař a duchovní v provincii, eds. Anna Czerniecka-Haberko, Barbara Szargot, Norbert Morawiec, Janusz Spyra (Częstochowa, 2022): 311–322.

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Abstrakt / Abstract

The article presents a biography of Paweł Terlica (Paul Terlitza; 1810–1888). Born in Vestin, Moravia, Terlica spent most of his life in the Duchy of Cieszyn. He was pastor in Goleszów since 1838. In 1883 Terlica was elected the senior of (Austrian) Silesia.

The paper answers why he was the last pastor from Moravia in the history of the Duchy of Cieszyn. The author examines his attitude towards national issues. Like many pastors from this region, Terlica sympathized with the (pro)German fraction. The article also deals with Terlica's genealogy, as many of his relatives were pastors in the Duchy of Cieszyn (father-in-law, brother-in-law, two sons-in-law etc.).