Genealogia rodu Świeżych z Kończyc Wielkich od XVIII do początku XX wieku

Michael Morys-Twarowski, “Genealogia rodu Świeżych z Kończyc Wielkich od XVIII do początku XX wieku,” Śląski Kwartalnik Historyczny. Sobótka 72, No. 2 (2017): 49–66.

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Abstrakt / Abstract 

On the basis of archival materials, the genealogy of the peasant family Świeży from Kończyce Wielkie in Cieszyn Silesia from the turn of the 17th/18th centuries was reproduced. The high status achieved by the family in the middle of the 18th century, is evidenced by the position of mayor, enjoyed by Andrzej Świeży (1722-1758). It was a similar story in the next century. The most outstanding representative of the family was Father Ignacy Świeży (1839-1902). Although in his youth he had to deal with poverty, he became famous as a Polish national activist, publicist, member of the Landtag (Sejm Krajowy) in Opava and the State Council in Vienna, and the president of ‘Macierz Szkolna Księstwa Cieszyńskiego’. Several brothers of Ignacy became land owners. The municipal superiors appeared relatively often within the closest family and social circles of the Świeży family. They were: brother of Ignacy Antoni Świeży (in Zebrzydowice), brother-in-law Antoni Fójcik (in Marklowice), husband of niece Karol Salamon (in Zebrzydowice) and nephew of the second president of ‘Macierz’ Franciszek Stanioszek (in Dziećmorowice). The article is a contribution to the biography of Ignacy Świeży, as well as the monography of Kończyce Wielkie.